Welcome to Mancala, also known as the ‘board game’ dispuut. But there is more. We like to hang out as a group and just do what we feel like that evening. This can be talking all evening, watching a movie, going to live music, etc, but still mostly playing games. Which can all be combined with some cultural aspects included in our ‘Mancala Trips’. We started in 2017 as a couple of friends who thought it would be fun to start a dispuut on our own and have grown very diverse from that. We found our common interest in board games and searched for the very first board game invented (probably), all the way back to Ancient Egypt: ‘Mancala’. Yet, in spite of everyone’s eternal struggle to get their names recorded in the Mancala Victory Book, our evenings are clear evidence that one may not always need all too much in order to have a good time every week!

Ane, Anna, Charlie, Kathir, Lars, Marco, Matthias, Minna, Nina, Saakje and our alumni (Andrew, Anne, Marc and Sander)

“Hello new member, we want to play a game.”

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