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What a decade it has been! Over the past years, GIST, the only male dispuut, organized almost a dozen hitchhiking contests for the SIB, delivered nine members to the Board and made an enormous contribution to the association’s coffers. The latter resulted, in combination with our high attendance, to winning the disputen competition many times.

GIST, founded in 2007, has always been a mix between discussing politics, sarcastic yelling, driemannen, arguing about news events, vijfen, debating student politics, mexen, drinking and giving each other a hard time. Generally speaking, we are all about mixing highbrow with lowbrow activities in a close and active group of friends. This mix is also evident on all of our Wednesday evenings that we spend together. After eating and drinking a beer (or two) at the evening’s host, visiting some of GIST mainstays downtown has been a recurring event. These mainstays include our favorite bar ‘De Kroeg van Klaas’, where our photo is proudly displayed on the wall, café ‘De Koffer,’ and the high-end club ‘Het Kasteel’. Apart from our regular Wednesday night hangouts, we were also present on almost all Monday nights. Occasionally we arrive after the lecture, but we were there either way.

Next to the Mondays and Wednesdays, we have some recurring events, where our annual ‘GMS’ is most important. All members, including our first-years and alumni (the alumni group is called GISTeren), are present during this weekend in November. Apart from GMS, every summer we travel to several Eastern-European countries together. Other traditions include two Christmas dinners, dinners at members’ parents’ place when a member turns 21, and a general members’ assembly.

Interested in joining? Every September and October, we might be looking for new members. Interested in drinking a beer together or playing our second game tienen? Look for Bram, Rutger, Pieter, Porfi, Victor, Hidde, Lucas, Marc or yours truly during the Monday night socials or send us an email at

Kind regards,

XVe Praeses Dispuut GIST

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