Eo Sensu

Eo Sensu

Eo Sensu is a mixed international dispuut, founded in 2006 by two excited members of SIB who found out they shared a same passion. Ergo, the name Eo Sensu still refers to this experience. But don’t be misled by the original motive of founding Eo Sensu – we are an open and varied dispuut. You must have heard that Eo Sensu is the oldest Dispuut within SIB. We exist since 2006 and currently consists of over 40 members all around the globe (of which 14 are currently active in Groningen) . In 2021 we will celebrate our third lustrum.

Thanks to our appreciation for the good life, every Wednesday we gather together with a great meal and many bottles of wine (or other drinks). These evenings are full of great discussions and laughs, and occasionally nights turn out to be stacked with sick dance moves in the city too. During the year, we organize a lot of activitities together – we welcome you to join the amazing PG Europe trip we organise annually for SIB. Next to that, we are vividly present during the SIB-events on Monday-nights. We have a shared passion for traveling, we regularly seek out our members living and studying abroad or go on random smaller or bigger trips.

Interested in joining this dispuut? Every year after the Introduction period we welcome our new members, so make sure we meet you then! 


Casper, Danique, Isabella, Joeri, Jonte, Kondwani, Lies, Lisanne, Marianna, Niek, Pedram, Roos, Wiebe & Zsa-Zsa

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