Established in 2008, BOEF is THE women’s dispuut of SIB. With active BOEFjes in Groningen and our alumni spread around the world we form an amazing mix of enthusiasm, laughter and ambition. We love organizing activities, whether it is for everyone in SIB, like the yearly diplomats dinner or a raffle for charity, or for ourselves as we have created some lovely traditions over the years. Think of a blind date dinner, dispuutsweekend/vacation, boat ride through the canals, and many themed nights.

But that’s not all. Our spirit goes beyond the scheduled gatherings on Wednesdays, meaning throughout the week you can find us hanging out, working out, and going out together. We love supporting (or distracting) each other in the university library but have also had some unforgettable holidays to for example Lisbon and Berlin, and danced the night away at legendary festivals like Sziget, Awakenings and Paradigm.

If you’re eager to join our dispuut, get to know us during the introduction period in September and October. Can’t wait? Check out our Instagram for more pictures and updates: @dispuutboef.

With love,
Florentyna, Leo, Lilly-Anne, Nina, Saoirse, Sarah, and Sophie

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