Established in 2008, BOEF is THE women’s dispuut of SIB. With active BOEFjes in Groningen and our alumni spread around the world we form an amazing mix of enthusiasm, laughter and ambition. We love organizing activities, whether it is just for our dispuut, like our annual weekend, or for everyone in SIB, like the yearly diplomats dinner or a raffle for charity. With our members being very active within SIB, we are difficult to miss on a Monday night!

Even if our members change over the years, our Wednesday nights stay the same: when you arrive there will be wine (high alcohol percentage vs. low prices, our field of expertise) and bread&pesto waiting for you. We drink, discuss, laugh, play games and support each other. Our endless conversations over dinner only stop for one thing: dessert! Briefly worded, a dispuut’s night at BOEF amazingly chaotic: dinner at 19.00 means 19.30 right?

Interested in joining a dispuut? Get to know us during the introduction period in September and October. Can’t wait? Check out our Instagram for more pictures: @dispuutboef

Florentyna, Anouk, Amber, Iris, Maddy, Hannah, Sarah and Tanika

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