Not only is Bebo the youngest Dispuut of SIB, we’re also the sexiest. What started as a close group of friends, developed into an amazing, even closer dispuut, established in 2018. As SIB’s very own art dispuut, we love visiting museums and cultural events all around the Netherlands and Europe. 

Every Wednesday evening, we drink, discuss, dance, eat and chill together, but there is also a big chance you run into us around Club Kiwi on Monday nights! As a super active and enthusiastic dispuut, our members are always present. Well, most of us anyway; currently, two of our beloved members are on a semester abroad. 

We are a lot like siblings, but instead of being connected by blood, we are connected by sarcasm, zeezoutboter and bad decisions. Since our establishment in 2018 we have organised many cool things: a lecture on women in art, truly epic trips to Dorkwerd, Hamburg, and Budapest, an amazing SIB party, and even drunk finger painting. 

Sound good? Kom hangen! 


Cheverney, Hannah, Jasmijn, Marieke, Rianne, Sonja, Welmoed, and Yanna

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