Disputen are a typical Dutch student phenomenon. They are groups of members that come together during the week to have dinner and have a drink. They are close friends, who like to hang out next to the SIB activities as well. They will meet for coffee at the Harmony building, go away on trips in weekends and organise so-called 21 dinners. By joining a dispuut, you will gain close friends with whom you can have a lot of fun both inside and outside the SIB!



Not only is Bebo the youngest Dispuut of SIB, we’re also the sexiest. What started as a close group of friends developed into an amazing, even closer Dispuut, established in

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Established in 2008, BOEF is THE women’s dispuut of SIB. With active BOEFjes in Groningen and our alumni spread around the world we form an amazing mix of enthusiasm, laughter

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Eo Sensu

Eo Sensu is a mixed international dispuut, founded in 2006. Eo Sensu originated out of a friendship of two SIB members who had common passion (hence the dispuut’s name), however,

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Welcome to Mancala, also known as the ‘board game’ dispuut. But there is more. We like to hang out as a group and just do what we feel like that

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Max Haveloos

Max Haveloos is the best mixed Dispuut since 2010. As you can see, our dispuut is already six years old. Last year we celebrated our lustrum with outrageous parties and

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Metropolis is a proud dispuut full of traditions and habits. From inaugurating our members at our famous dispuutsweekend in Borger to traveling abroad to visit (old) members studying and living

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Pardon?! Do you know what happens to those old and bitter Board members once their term is up and they are discarded like a paper towel? They fall down a

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Good day there weary traveller, So you want to learn about dispuut Q.U.E., eh? Well, be careful, many have entered.. and none returned. You see, this cultish collective of kind

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