Bar Committee

Bar Committee

The Bar Heroes make sure you won’t be dehydrated at SIB lectures, drinks and parties. Anybody who has been a member for more than a year can join the Bar Committee.


Bar Committee 2020-2021

Marieke Bouma (President)

Michael Shuter

Yanna Gjaltema

Rianne Kruithof

Welmoed van der Bergh

Sonja Karambiri

Steven Westerhuis

Sven Schreurs

Arend-Jan de Koning

Hannah Müllers

Cheverney Nijman

Lars Marée

Anna Conrad

Niek Blaauw

Kathir Kanangarajan

Alan Farricella

Jessica Garley

Roos van der Togt

Jonte Beukema

Iris de Kanter

Nina Valentini

Wiebe Jansma

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