Do you want to further develop yourself apart from your studies? Organize or create something amazing with your fellow-SIBbers? Join a Committee of the SIB! 

Committees are a great way to actively participate within the SIB and get to know new people. If you decide to join a committee, you will notice that it is not only fun to organize something with a group of people, but also very educational!

The SIB has 13 different committees. Interested in joining one? Or would you like more information? You can click one of them below, or send an e-mail to!

Committee Picture Intellectual Activities

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of organising several intellectual activities during the second half of the academic year. Consisting of experienced members with a broad range of

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Bar Committee

The Bar Heroes make sure you won’t be dehydrated at SIB lectures, drinks and parties. Anybody who has been a member for more than a year can join the Bar

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Committee Picture Dies Natalis

Dies Natalis Committee

The Dies Natalis Committee organises the birthday of the SIB. This means that they do not only set up a major conference with seven or more speakers and an attendance

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Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee periodically publishes the magazine of the association called ‘SIBylle’. The members of this Committee are responsible for the writing of articles/columns/reviews, but also for the layout and

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Committee Picture Festivities

Festivities Committee

The Festivities Committee is in charge of organising several theme parties over the year. Additionally, they are trusted with the organisation of some SIB-classics such as SIBterklaas and SIB on

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Galant Gala Committee

The Galant Gala is a student gala yearly organised by ten organisations: AEGEE, Clio, GSb, NEXUS, Ibn Battuta, SIB, SOG, TeMa, Ubbo Emmius, and VIP. The Galant Gala takes place

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Committee Picture Introduction 2

Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organises all intellectual events during the introduction period (from September until the beginning of November). In this period, they organise about eight intellectual Monday night events, a

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Committee Picture KEI

KEI Committee

The KEI Committee organises the KEI-week: the big introduction week for all first-year students in Groningen. The Committee does not only set up the program for the SIB during this

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Committee Picture PR

PR Committee

The PR Committee is the greatest support for the Board regarding Public Relations. The committee organises PR stunts throughout the year and helps with taking pictures (shoutout to them for

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Committee Picture Social Activities

Social Activities Committee

The Social Activities Committee is responsible for organising several social activities throughout the year. This can go in any direction, from sports to arts and crafts and barbecues to winter

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Committee Picture Travel

Travel Committee

As the name suggests, the Travel Committee is in charge of organising the SIB-trip! This is a ten day trip in which we visit institutions, landmarks and much more. The

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Committee Picture Yearbook

Yearbook Committee

Every year the Yearbook Committee makes a wonderful yearbook where the past year will be reviewed. The book does not only consist of classics such as a list of all

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