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The Board is the day-to-day management of the association. They hold the responsibility for everything that happens at the SIB. Every year a new Board is chosen for a full academic year. Each Board member has a specific function within the team. Some are full-time, some are part-time, but they all work at the Office at the Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 5 on the 1st floor. Committees and project groups assist the Board in organising activities.

The Advisory Council gives the current Board solicited and unsolicited advice and the Audit Committee oversees the financial health of the association. Several times per year the Board is held accountable for their actions during the General Members Assembly. This is the formal meeting where members can voice their opinion and reflect on the functioning of the association.

Below you can find who holds which position within the Board and how you can contact them. The 77th Board of SIB-Groningen is Board Beller.

Thomas Beller - President

Thomas Beller is the President of SIB-Groningen. He leads the Board of the association. He carries the final responsibility and has the important job of organising the communication and cooperation within the Board, as well as motivating and coordinating Board members. You can reach Thomas at

Roshni Esther Dutta - Secretary

Roshni Esther Dutta holds the function of Secretary. She is responsible for the general administration of our association, as well as for the communication with companies and other organisations who support the SIB financially or otherwise. You can contact Roshni at

Konstantijn Rondhuis - Treasurer

Konstantijn Rondhuis, as our Treasurer, is responsible for the financial part of the association. He also plans the budgets for each organ of the organisation. The Treasurer takes care of the communication with these organs to stay up-to-date and coordinate the finances of the entire association. The Audit Committee oversees the Treasurer. You can contact Konstantijn at

Annemijn Verloop - Commissioner of internal communication

Annemijn Verloop is our Commissioner of Internal Communication. As Commissioner of Internal Communication, she is the main person available for questions of members. She is responsible for the committees, project groups and Disputen, and will provide information about the different opportunities the SIB has to offer to become an active member. You can contact Annemijn at

Natalie Viktoria Bichler - Commissioner of Intellectual Activities

Natalie Viktoria Bichler is the Commissioner of Intellectual Activities. She is responsible for all the intellectual activities which the SIB organises, for example the weekly lectures or symposia. For this she keeps contact with the speakers and the organisations which the SIB cooperates with for the intellectual activities. You can reach Natalie at

Joep de Wild- Commissioner of Public Relations

Joep de Wild is our Commissioner of Public Relations. As Commissioner of Public Relations, Joep is also responsible for all the coordination of PR within the association, for example by creating the posters and banners for events. He also keeps the website up to date and manages the social media accounts. You can contact Joep at

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