Part IV: Internal Affairs

Part III: Internal Affairs
By Liezabeth Heddema

After meeting my fellow candidate board members through an awkward FaceTime call. I was sure that next year is going to be a year filled with amazing experiences, lots of fun, and knowing me also some clumsy awkward moments. I think the pictures we made during the Board Announcement with the candidate board and current board in front of the Troubadour are a good example of my clumsiness. Even though our Board year has not even started yet, I have already had some great moments with my fellow Candidate Board members.For those who do not know me yet, my name is Liezabeth Heddema, however I think most of you know me as Lies. I am 19 years old and from a small village in Friesland. And I am a first year American Studies student. Next year I am going to be your Commissioner for Internal Communication. This means that I am going to be responsible for committees, disputen, and of course you, the members.During the KEI-week last year on the information market I started talking with Dorien about hitchhiking, travelling, and the intellectual activities. After contemplating about joining an association for the rest of the week, I decided to become a member on the very last day. The introduction activities, the introduction camp, the parties and drinks, and the people I met only fueled my enthusiasm about SIB.One of my favorite SIB memories is the hitchhike to Berlin. Even though, it took a total of 15 hours in Berlin. Especially, the hitchhiking itself had its ups and downs, the thrill when we finally had a ride and the people you meet when you are on your way. And there were moments we were waiting for almost two hours at a gas station close to Scheemda, which is not a place you exactly want to be. I had an incredible fun time, taking an alternative street art tour and going out with everyone.And last and certainly not least, I am going to tell you what my favorite song is. Which is quite difficult for me, because it differs from “Sweet Caroline” and Elbow’s “One Day Like this” to just really terrible 00’s songs such as “Kylie” or RuPaul’s Dragrace classics like “Sissy That Walk” and “Glamazon”. However, right now it is “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney.