When Activity
01-09-15 GMA
03-09-15 Disputenjacht
07-09-15 Lecture ‘Financial Stability in China’ by Arjen Dijkhuizen
07-09-15 Committe market
10-09-15 University Peace Days: Day 1 ‘Innovative ideas about peace’
11-09-15 Introduction camp
14-09-15 GMA
17-09-15 University Peace Days: Day 2 ‘Innovative ideas about war’
21-09-15 Symposium ‘Modern Days Dictatorship’
24-09-15 Running dinner
28-09-15 Lecture ‘Immigration in Europe’ by Han Entzinger
05-10-15 Inauguration
08-10-15 The Hague Trip
12-10-15 Lecture ‘Arctic Politics’ by Louwrens Hacquebord
19-10-15 Lecture ‘Millenium Goals 2.0’ by Hildegard Lingnau
26-10-15 Lecture ’70th Anniversary of the United Nations’ by Herman Schaper
02-11-15 Lecture ‘Refugee Camps as Unintended Cities’ by Bram Jansen
09-11-15 Lecture ‘World Medicine Crisis: What are possible sollutions?’ by Wilbert Bannenberg
13-11-15 SIB-NL gala
16-11-15 Lecture ‘Dutch Police Hindering Sexual Assualt Reports: a conversation with Rosa Timmer’
23-11-15 GMA
27-11-15 Supporting Entities Day
30-11-15 Dies Natalis congres ‘Terrorism & Counter-terrorism’
02-12-15 Brussels trip
07-12-15 SIBterklaas
10-12-15 Lecture ‘Drugs & Mafia: an overview of international crime’ by Wilbert Paulissen
14-12-15 Christmas dinner
17-12-15 Christmas party
04-01-16 New Year’s Drinks
11-01-16 Lecture “Side-Effects of International Cooperation” by Dirk-Jan Koch
18-01-16 Workshop ‘Tax Heaven The Netherlands’
25-01-16 Lecture ‘Europe on the Edge’ by Jan Werts
01-02-16 Post-Exam Party
08-02-16 Lecture “COP21: Thoughts on the Future of Energy” by André Faaij
09-02-16 Wine Tasting
15-02-16 GMA
22-02-16 Integration Night
29-02-16 Lecture “The Relevance of Maritime Power” by Commodore Boelema-Robertus
03-03-16 Hitchhiking Contest to Berlin
07-03-16 Galant Gala
14-03-16 Lecture “Newsframing: How biased is our news?” van Frank van Dalen
17-03-16 Symposium “What to vote in the Ukraine Referendum?”
21-03-16 Lecture “My Escape: the perspective of a defector on human rights in North Korea” door Kim Young-Il
31-03-16 Workshop: “What makes a speech historic?” by Frits Bloemberg
04-04-16 Guest Lecture by Lilianne Ploumen
09-04-16 Trip to Russia and Estonia
11-04-16 Movie Night “The First Grader”
18-04-16 Lecture: “The Strategies of IS” by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
20-04-16 BREXIT lecture – “Should we stay or should we go now”
25-04-16 Lecture: “The Panama Papers” by Anne Scheltema Debuin
02-05-16 Lecture: “Srebrenica: The perspective of a veteran” by Ebel Dijkman
09-05-16 Lecture: “Making Sense of Turkish Foreign Policy” by Armand Sag
12-05-16 Pub Crawl
23-05-16 SIB on stage
24-05-16 Race to the White House – Pre-Election Night USA
30-05-16 Diplomats Dinner
02-06-16 GMA
06-06-16 Lecture: “The Not-So-Frozen Conflicts at Russia’s Borders” by Bob Deen
13-06-16 Lecture: “Dispute Settlement in the South China Sea: Beijing, Manila and The Hague” by Gou Haibo
20-06-16 Lecture by Caecilia van Peski
27-06-16 When I grow up party


When Activity
01-09-14 Freshmen Dinner
01-09-14 Lecture Democracy In Turmoil
02-09-14 GMA
04-09-14 Disputenjacht
08-09-14 Connie Hedegaard: EU commissioner for climate action
08-09-14 Committee Market
11-09-14 University Peace Days Day 1: China vs. Japan: The Struggle for East-Asia.’
15-09-14 Dick Swaab, Neuroscientist
16-09-14 GMA
18-09-14 University Peace Days Day 2: China vs. Japan: The Struggle for East-Asia.’
22-09-14 Bartjan Wegter & Holly Lindquist Thomas: The TTIP
25-09-14 Running Dinner
26-09-14 Introduction camp
29-09-14 Knut Vollebaek
30-09-14 Film: Refugees: Who Needs Them?
06-10-14 Inauguration
10-10-14 The Hague Trip
13-10-14 Rolf Carriere: The UN and afterwards
16-10-14 Trip to Freemasons
20-10-14 Mukesh Kapila: We The Peoples, Struggling For The Soul of an UN We Deserve
27-10-14 Life in North Korea
03-11-14 Film: Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Stopped Worrying And Started Loving The Bomb
10-11-14 25 Years after the fall: A New Cold war?
17-11-14 Supporting Entities Day
19-11-14 GMA
24-11-14 Dies Natalis: The Different Dimensions of Modern Warfare
01-12-14 SIBterklaas
08-12-14 Agnes Schilder: De Wetenschap van Geluk
10-12-14 Brussels trip
15-12-14 Christmas dinner
05-01-15 New Year’s drinks
12-01-15 Adrianus Koetsenruijter
19-01-15 Edwin Woerdman: Emission rights
20-01-15 Herman Schaper: Nederland in de VN-Veiligheidsraad?
26-01-15 Forum Debate: The Attack on Charlie Hebdo
02-02-15 Yearbook auction
05-02-15 Bezoek aan Marineschip Zr.Mj. Groningen
09-02-15 Hans Van Ginkel
16-02-15 GMA
19-02-15 Dien de Boer-Kruyt
20-02-15 SIB Nederland Congres: Moderne Diplomatie
23-02-15 Jan Pronk
02-03-15 Galant Gala
05-03-15 Hitchhiking Contest to Paris
09-03-15 Ferguson Riots
16-03-15 International week
23-03-15 Michiel Baud: Argentine
30-03-15 Filmevening: Five Days of War with introduction by Sami Faltas
09-04-15 Symposium: Traditional Energy
12-04-15 Trip to Georgia and Armenia
13-04-15 Fishbanks: Sustainable Entrepeneurship
20-04-15 Post Mortem Violence
24-04-15 Batavierenrace
07-05-15 Andrew Feinstein: The Global Arms Trade
11-05-15 SIB on Stage
18-05-15 GMA
26-05-15 Larry Siems: Guantanamo Diaries
28-05-15 GMA
01-06-15 Diplomats dinner
08-06-15 Private Military Companies
15-06-15 Patent Rights IFMSA
22-06-15 GMA
29-06-15 Freedom in Turkey: Froukje Santing


When Activity
02-09-13 Erik Ader: Life in Diplomacy
03-09-13 GMA
05-09-13 Disputenjacht
09-09-13 Jaco Stoop: Spoedlezing – Turmoil in Egypt
09-09-13 Committee market
13-09-13 September camp
16-09-13 GMA
19-09-13 University Peace Days I: Women as Weapons
23-09-13 Dick Zandee: EU as a Security Actor
26-09-13 University Peace Days II: Women as Weapons
30-09-13 IKV Pax Christi: Nuclear Weapons
03-10-13 Running dinner
07-10-13 Inauguration
10-10-13 The Hague City Tour and Visit to the Russian Embassy
14-10-13 Freshman’s Pubquiz
14-10-13 Nienke de Deugd: Ukrain’s Identity Crises
15-10-13 Commandant der Strijdkrachten Generaal Middendorp: De toekomst van de Nederlandse Defensie
21-10-13 Marcel de Haas: Chechnya- After Conflict
28-10-13 Dutch Ambassador to Greece
30-10-13 New Peace Tools Symposium
04-11-13 GMA
08-11-13 SIB-NL gala
11-11-13 Merlijn Schoonenboom: Germany as Europe’s Leading Nation
18-11-13 Liefdessymposium
21-11-13 Dies Natalis 2013: Humanizing Business or Business as Usual?
25-11-13 Minisymposium Georgië, moving towards the west
28-11-13 Supporting Entities Day
02-12-13 SIBterklaas
04-12-13 Brussels trip
09-12-13 Sami Faltas: The Gate Keepers
16-12-13 Christmas dinner
06-01-14 New Year’s drinks
13-01-14 Bart Eggen: Stem Cell Therapy
20-01-14 Celine Verheijen: Kindersekstoerisme
27-01-14 Verity Mills: Strategical planning
03-02-14 Ryan Gauthier: lezing over de Olympische spelen in Sotsji
06-02-14 Wine tasting
10-02-14 Yearbook auction
17-02-14 GMA
18-02-14 Lecture Joanne Kellermann
24-02-14 Minisymposium modern slavery
03-03-14 Galant gala
06-03-14 Hitchhiking Contest to Copenhagen
10-03-14 Lecture Esmeralda van Boon
13-03-14 Develop Your World Symposium I : Duurzame Energie
17-03-14 Lecture Kosovaarse Ambassadeur te Nederland
20-03-14 Develop Your World Symposium II : Duurzame Energie
24-03-14 International week
31-03-14 Jolanda van de Noll: Islamophobia
07-04-14 SIB on stage
13-04-14 Trip to Turkey
14-04-14 Luis Lobo-Guerrero: Masterclas,: Venezuela in crisis
25-04-14 WOII Battlefield City Tour
28-04-14 Gerry van Klinken – Tiger on the Rise: The Economy of Indonesia
29-04-14 Ali Al-Jaberi – The Iraq War: 11 years later
06-05-14 The Facebook Effect: An evening on Social Media
10-05-14 Batavierenrace
12-05-14 Carl Djerassi: Birth control and gender relation
19-05-14 Jeroen Dijsselbloem: in gesprek over Europa
26-05-14 GMA
02-06-14 Diplomats dinner
05-06-14 GMA
16-06-14 Jeroen Warner: Water Wars
30-06-14 Why Governments Spy: One Year After Snowden