We organise lectures and symposia on Monday nights and host conferences dealing with international topics, such as politics, law, environmental issues, terrorism, economics, and human rights.

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On Mondays, we host drinks and parties. There is also the SIB introduction camp, SIB On Stage, Galant Gala and the parties on the (international) trips.

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Do you want to arrange a big speaker, plan a theme party or coordinate an international trip? Join one of our Committees! There are 13 different SIB Committees, so there is always one that suits your interests.

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Explore the world with our Brussels Trip, European Hitchhiking Contest and one adventurous 10-day trip to a far away country, like Russia, Kosovo or Morocco.

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The SIB is the largest international student association in Groningen! Almost half of our members are international and all our activities are held in English. The SIB brings the world to you, as we organise intellectual activities about important political, societal and international questions, and travel the world with several trips every year. All students can join the SIB, regardless of where you come from or what you study!” – Zsa-Zsa van Wijk, President SIB-Groningen Board 2018-2019  Click here for more information


For more upcoming activities, check out our agenda

Theater Festival Jonge Harten
Jonge Harten is a nine-day theatre festival in Groningen for curious
minds, where you can get to know people and share special moments with friends, or enjoy a different kind of binge watching. The performances will take place in theatres and other locations that may be unknown to you until now.

Here, contemporary theatre makers will bring you up close to familiar situations. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then come and visit Jonge Harten!

Info & tickets:

Clash, Jonge Harten and KopjeK will be hosting the encore of the festival, and they guarantee that your head will still be spinning after you’ve returned home from the party. AtClash #5 you can explore performances, DJ sets and art objects in the different spaces of the Grand Theatre.

Grand Theatre 10:00 PM
Tickets & info: