Part V: External Relations

By Marc Ravenhorst

Do you know that tall, blond guy standing every Monday till late at Club Kiwi, usually with a beer in his hand? Well, that is me! My name is Marc Ravenhorst, and I am very happy to introduce myself as next years’ Commissioner for External affairs of our amazing association. For those who are not completely sure what I will be doing next year, it means that I will be the person who makes sure that external organizations, other associations, and commercial parties know who we are and what we can do for them. Or in other words, I will be working on finding and increasing funding and sponsorships for SIB-Groningen.

Even though my history as a student is relatively long, my history at SIB is, unfortunately, a bit short. I remember last KEI-week, I was sitting on the ground in my room in Groningen (I had no chairs yet), reading booklets of several student associations and additional information on the internet to make a decision of which association to join. I already signed up for an information mail of an association that was not SIB, and even though summer schools seemed nice, it just didn’t felt right. And then, I found SIB, and it felt right. The international character, the intellectual part and the social part, it was exactly what I was looking for. I even convinced someone from my KEI-group to go with me to het Pakhuis to join SIB. From that moment I could call myself a SIB member, and it has been fantastic! Since that moment I have had amazing moments and memories at SIB. For example, the Yearbook auction, the unlimited drinks party somewhere in December (or, what I remember of that party) and of course the trip to Brussels. But my best memory? I don’t know. There are too many to choose from, I think the best memory still has to be created, and I’m sure that will happen very soon!

Before I end this blog I want to tell you about my theme song, because what is a Board member without a theme song? Those who know me a little bit will know that I have a very strong love and passion for a particular American singer. So, it won’t be a surprise that my theme song is one of my favorite numbers of this singer, which is ‘If I can dream’. If you wonder why this is my theme song, feel free to ask me, because it is too much to explain in this blog.

I hope to see you soon!

Marc Ravenhorst