Part VI: Pony Riding (PR)

Renske Stuurman

Two years ago my heart belonged to Arnhem, the place I grew up. When I was younger, I never figured leaving my province (okay maybe I would be willing to trade Gelderland for Utrecht) to end up somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the north of the Netherlands. However, from the moment I first stepped into Groningen, I knew my heart would soon belong to a different city. The vibrant city of Groningen led me to join SIB in the summer of 2014 and from the moment the KEI-crew spoke about the 5-euros Brussels tour, I was sold.

For the ones who do not know me already, I am Renske Stuurman and I am very honored to be your next Commissioner for PR, which means it will be my job to haunt you with the SIB camera, keeping social media like SIBstagram up to date and on entertain you with my notifications on Facebook.

The SIB has brought me many memories, but the best one so far was the hiking trip in Armenia. I will never forget that time we thought we would die when sliding of hills covered with snow and I remember people would disappear up to their waists in the snow. It was a fearful moment, but yet it was also the best and exciting moments of the trip and the one memory I will always look back to when thinking of SIB. SIB brings you places, and not just normal, regular places. SIB brings you places which are daring and challenging, and sometimes to places which you would probably not visit again anytime soon (like the Armenian mountains).

Lastly, I was asked to share my theme song with you. First of all, I must admit I do not really have a theme song. I like happy songs with catchy melodies, to which I will listen for a brief period of time, until the next fun song comes up, like Alvaro Solers Bajo el Mismo Sol. However, I do have one favorite song which will never bore me: Babylon, by Angus and Julia Stones. Many people may find it boring, but somehow the song has a fairytale-like mysterious vibe to it. Also, when it involves an acoustic guitar in combination with a violin, viola or a cello you’ve got me.