Part I: Candidate Board with a Blog

By Wouter Wissink

Dear members,

Imagine you are a 19-year-old naïve, rather ignorant, fresh high school graduate, wandering through Groningen at this first day of the KEI-week, blown away by the overload of flyers, flags and all forms of festivities. Imagine, then, that you walk into the Floris Wolff, who has positioned himself very strategically, at the corner between Het Pakhuis and the Troubadour. Now blink once, open your eyes again and you will find yourself signing the membership form of SIB-Groningen.

My name is Wouter Wissink, next president of SIB-Groningen, and this was the route I took. I have absolutely never regretted that decision. As I had actually already read a bit about the organization, I already knew about the mix of lectures, trips and parties. As the balance between those proved to be perfect, I attended as many activities as I could. By joining the Travelcommittee and dispuut Eo Sensu, I found out student life has much more to offer than study books alone. Only three months later, I stepped into the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, while being fully dressed up and accompanied by a wonderful new group of friends. When I realised I only paid five euros for that whole weekend in the Belgian capital, I could not believe my eyes. That was probably my best SIB memory ever, although going out in the city centre with the speakers I arranged as Activities committee, are also among my top stories. The nicest thing about SIB, to me, is that it gives you so many opportunities. Whether you like organising parties, lectures or trips, SIB offers you amazing experiences. As I am a big fan of all that was located on the other side of the Iron Curtain, our Travelcommittee organised a trip to Georgia and Armenia, whereas earlier SIB had already been to the Balkans. To have you enjoy the rhythm of this region, I would love to introduce you to Disko Partizani, my favourite song, performed by Shantel. SIB brings the world to you!