General information

Here you can read more about what SIB Groningen does.


We organise lectures and symposia on Monday nights and host conferences dealing with international topics, such as politics, world religions, environmental issues, terrorism, economics, development aid and human rights. 

Recent speakers include Carl Djerassi (inventor of the birth control pill), Hans Hillen (former Dutch Minister), Larry Siems (author of Guantánamo Diary), Dick Swaab (brain researcher), Jan Pronk (diplomat and former Dutch Minister), Kajsa Ollongren (Minister of the Interior) and the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. Most lectures last for around an hour and afterwards you have the chance to ask the speaker your own questions. 

At around 10 our drinks start where some speakers also have a drink. Besides these weekly lectures we have our yearly Diplomats Dinner, Dies Natalis conference and on every trip we visit institutions like embassies, ministries, parliaments or for example the NATO or the OECD.


On Mondays we have drinks and parties after the lecture. Other social events include the SIB introduction camp, SIB On Stage, Galant Gala and the parties on (international) trips.

You should definitely not forget the social aspect of your student life! After every lecture we have drinks (borrels). The Monday drinks can last late into the night and beer is only 1,50 and the SIB shots are 2 euro at the Troubadour (cash only for non-Members). Some drinks are organised by our Festivities Committee and some by Disputen. 

In the beginning of the year we have our Introduction Camp, which is a weekend in September where the freshmen can get to know each other and older members. Later on in the year we have the Inauguration, where you become an official Member, the Christmas Dinner, the New Year’s Drinks, the Integration Night and the Galant Gala.


Do you want to arrange a big speaker, plan a theme party and/or coordinate an international trip? Join our Committees! There are 12 different SIB Committees, so there is always one that suits you. 

The Board is responsible for the day-to-day management of the SIB and is supported by Committees and Project Groups. The latter are linked to a Dispuut, but everyone can apply to become a Committee member. Both are bodies that have a specific task within the SIB, for example organising a party, lecture, conference or our big Trip. 

Every year there are new members in each Committee. Employers highly value organisational and practical skills, so it is a great addition to your resume.


Explore the world with our Brussels Trip, European Hitchhiking Contest and one adventurous 11-day trip to a far away country, like Russia, Kosovo or Morocco. 

During each trip we visit Institutions such as embassies, ministries, parliaments or for example the NATO or the OECD. Our Hitchhiking Contest is a long weekend in March where we hitchhike on the Thursday, visit two institutions on the Friday and you have the whole Saturday and every night free. The grand finale is our big Trip, a packed 11-day trip to at least one far away country. 

Previous destinations include Morocco, Armenia, Venice, Zagreb, Stockholm and Talinn. Every trip is organised either by a Dispuut or a Committee.